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Are You Ready?

As my business continued growing (so blessed and thankful), I reached out to my Southern friend who owns a Marketing Business. I decided to do exactly what I tell my clients they should and "change things up". My clients are always so thankful they did, so I should do the same, Right?. So back to my Southern friend, she basically told me "We're going big", and I asked "Who is WE". Let me paint the picture for ya of why I get a bit nervous when she uses the word "Big", she used to work in the racing world! Ya know that little sport they call "Nascar", yep that's how Southern I am, my friends are racing peeps. So now that explains my accent. Many know I grew up in South Carolina, and true to form, I'm a lover of all Southern Traditions! Whether it's Sweet Tea (even though I can't drink it), front porch swings, joggling boards (google it, you'll thank me), lake days, football Friday nights, and country roads! That's me, a Southern Gal from South Carolina, now living in Virginia, designing beautiful homes for amazing clients! I know! I still pinch myself! Is this really my life?

So back to the "Big" changes and I apologize for the "look, a squirrel" moment. So here I am with an all new website, so what are my plans for it?, I plan to show you new galleries created from the gorgeous transformations clients have trusted me to make. I hope to inspire others to create their own magical transformations. I want to offer designer tips, tricks, and hacks. Believe me when I say, just because it's beautiful doesn't mean it needs to cost a fortune. Stop dreaming of your magical place and let's create it. Everyone deserves BEAUTIFUL!

Thank you for visiting my website and blog. Please comment and share, I love hearing from folks.

Chat with Ya'll Soon,



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